About Baldr

Baldr Frostflame (also answers to “Bror”) is a Pagan, transhumanist, technophile, blockchain enthusiast, futurist, and student of life. He is the founder of the Pagan Renewal, a movement of Reform Pagans working toward a Pagan Restoration.

Baldr was born in San Francisco and grew up in the Upper Midwest and the Deep South attending chapel twice a week in an Evangelical school and church twice a week with his family. While in college in New England, Paris, and Beijing, Baldr became first a Protestant fundamentalist, then a strict adherent of Eastern Orthodoxy, before leaving Christianity altogether for an openminded, syncretic, optimistic, forward-looking, vision-inspired, and Nature-centered Paganism.

After moving from New England to Northern California, Baldr ended up in the beautiful environs of Seattle, Washington, where he has founded and continues to lead Pagan Renewal Seattle. In Baldr’s free time, he enjoys reading, fitness, and travel with his partner, as well as learning from the incredible breadth and depth of experience of the other members of Pagan Renewal Seattle and the greater Pagan community and creating a variety of digital and print media in service of the Pagan Renewal.

A member of the Triple Nine Society and the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry, Baldr graduated from Yale summa cum laude, having been inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and having earned distinction in an interdisciplinary major in the humanities and social sciences. Baldr served as the co-founding Chief Technology Officer and chief engineer of an online startup in social media before returning to school to earn three simultaneous advanced degrees in engineering, management, and law from Stanford and Harvard.

Baldr looks forward to a freer and more connected future that enables humankind to thrive in harmony with Nature, and Baldr does what he can to help bring people together around that vision.